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24 December 2009

Wow, that really took a long time...

I'm finally back at it and grinding away at a long list of names (244 at last count). 44 done and 200 to go.

Of the 244 I have a 13 that are resisting being positively identified:

W Arnold (from a local Anglican Church honour roll)

EJ Cox (on the Coro Valley War Memorial)

CJ Howarth (also on the Coro Valley WM)

G Jeffrey (Blackwood Memorial)

EW Jones (Blackwood Memorial)

FWH Martin (Blackwood Memorial)

HJ Nicolle (Coro Valley WM)

SW Opie (The Anglican roll)

FC Pegler (Blackwood Memorial)

C Thomson (Blackwood Memorial)

EJ Thorp (Blackwood Memorial)

F Wall (Blackwood Memorial)

AC Weston (Blackwood Memorial)

If anyone has any clues on these ones, I'd love to hear them.



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