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25 January 2010

Progress Report

Have been consolidating my research and working away at my name list over the Xmas break, and as I'm back to work from Wednesday, I thought I'd do a progress report listing the names of the 51 sailors, soldiers and nurses I have researched so far. Some I have blogged and some not, as I haven't got a photo yet...

Cecil Claude Ahrens
Thomas William Alley
Alfred George Alsworth
William Altree
Gilbert Ernest Baker
Harold Alonzo Banks
Mark Alfred Betts
Alan Stuart Bigg
Lloyd Atkinson Bigg
Lyndon Samuel Bigg
Horace Lionel Billing
Victor Rupert Sydney Boothey
Harold Braley
Charles Brealey
James Newman Brealey
Gordon Cathcart Campbell
Neil Campbell
Bernard Revett Cant
Harold Charles Carne
Wesley Paul Choat
Irwin Nicholas Coad
Harry Stanley Conigrave
William Arthur Conlon
Tressilian Herbert Coombs
George Frederick Dall
Cyril William Davies
George Hamilton Downer
John Lanarch Downer
William John Dunn
Andrew Francis Flanigan
John Patrick Flanigan
Thomas Roy Gamble
John Besley Gillen
Alexander Bosworth Gosden
Hiram Bailey Gosden
Robert Storrie Guthrie
Albert Ernest Hall
Charles Irvine Harris
John Brooas Harris
Russell Hope Harris
Eric Leland Light
Keith Macrow
Frank Leslie Ougden
Oswald Vincent Pearson
Alfred George Sinigear
John Lewis Smith
Edward Charles Sparkes/Sparks
Malcolm Neale Tilbrook Steele
Harold Sullivan
Harold Thorp
Percy Wade

If you have a relative on this list, please email me and I will share my research with you!

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