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22 May 2010

Ironbank Methodist Sunday School Honour Roll

On 6 July 1919, Mr George Laffer MP presided over the unveiling of an honour roll at the Ironbank Methodist Sunday School by a Dr Dawkins. The honour roll included the names of all former students of the Sunday School who had served in the First World War. The names were:

Claude Ahrens
Albert Brown
Gordon Brown
Harry Brown
John Carthew
Lancelot Carthew
Alexander Coats
Alick Coats
Arnold Coats
Britton Coats
Charles Coats
Frank Coats
Gilbert Coats
Norman Coats
Reuben Coats
David Davies
Cecil Edwards
Douglas Evans
Frederick Evans
Thomas Evans
Frederick Gates
Henry Gates
Jack Hancock
Charles Hill
Cleveland Hill
John Hill
Rowland Hill
Henry Holland
Percival Holland
Clifford Jacobs
William Batt
Hal Jacobs
William Pole
Herbert Slater
Alfred Uren
William Warland

This information is drawn from an article from page 9 of the Adelaide Advertiser, 11 July 1919.


  1. Hi Ian, My children are descendants of the Coat/e/s family of Ironbank. We are very interested to know more about the honour board. One of the interesting things is that the grandfather, Harvey Coat is not listed, and his mother (Mary Ann) was the Sunday School Teacher!!
    Are you able to tell us any more about this, please?
    Thanks, Ian and Suzette Coat

  2. Hi Ian and Suzette, the only reference to the honour board that I have been able to find is the one in the Advertiser. Some honour boards were lost/misplaced/destroyed etc over the years, and in some cases they were not wooden ones, but framed embroideries or parchments. So I haven't seen the original to check it against the list in the paper. As far as Harvey is concerned, he is listed on the Cherry Gardens, Iron Bank, Dorset Vale Districts Honour Roll which is on the wall of the Cherry Gardens Memorial Hall along with ten other Coat/e/s. Was Harvey a brother of Charles? I would be interested in chatting with you about the Coat/e/s clan, as there are so many and the connections are not always easy to work out. My email is
    Thanks, Ian

  3. Hi Ian, sorry about the delay. Yes, Harvey was brother to Charles. His name is on the original Ironbank Methodist Church Honour Roll. We have a photo of this and will be happy to contribute this. Our daughter Clair researched her great-grandfather Harvey for a project. Of great interest to us is that there were 12 Coat/e/s men who enlisted and they all returned home! It appears that those 12, regardless of how they spelled their surname, were related. Ian and Suzette Coat